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We encourage you to dream big and then stick with you on your journey to making your dreams reality. We base your finances around your life, your goals and ambitions. Through our life planning techniques, we can even help you figure out what your goals are if you don’t already know. You see we really do want to listen. We want to hear your story – all of it.

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We demonstrate our value

Before we commence work for a client, we will always ensure that we can add significant value to their financial lives. This means that you can relax knowing you are getting exceptional value for money from your accountant or adviser.

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We take the time to listen to you

We spend our time with you, actually spending time with you, rather than furiously typing into a laptop. We find we leave with a much greater understanding of you and your objectives, meaning we can provide high-quality service.

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We let you judge our success

At the end of our first meeting, we always ask you how you will judge our success. This is important so that we can deliver the particular type of service that you are looking for. Whatever your priorities, we aim to tailor our services to deliver your desired outcome.

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Never ever, ever, since we have been with Swan, have I ever gone to bed worrying about my finances. You take care of our affairs fully – thank you!


Marketing Manager

Thanks so much to Swan for all their help, patience and professionalism while helping with our mortgage.


Warehouse Supervisor

Advisors and accountants in Swan really know their stuff. Financially I feel I’m in quite a strong position now. Ethical Investments were a bonus to all the services I took up with them.

Shane & Emily

Engineer & Nurse

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